merkabaThe merkaba is an electro-magnetic field of light intrinsically linked with the human body that serves as a vehicle to transport body/mind beyond what is often considered “normal” limitations.  It is birthed via the star tetrahedron. Like the star tetrahedron engine that drives it, the merkaba is triune in nature, as its name clearly implies:

mer  –   meaning ocean of living wisdom-light.  In layman’s terms, this symbolizes Divine  awareness, God, or whatever term you personally use to represent Source.

ka     –   meaning the individuated soul, or personality, associated with an individual’s current incarnation.  The ka is intrinsically linked to the ba.  In layman’s terms, this means you — your identity or ego — how you see yourself at present.

ba   –     meaning the collective soul; the sum of multiple “ka’s” from all incarnations.  In layman’s terms, this means your higher self. Once “zero point” energy is attained by the counter-rotational spin of the star-tetrahedrons, the expanded saucer-shaped “edges” of the merkaba cause a wrinkle or distortion in the fabric of space and time.  It is this distortion that allows the merkaba to transcend the ordinary laws of physics.  In this mode, it can serve as a transport-vehicle to and from an infinite array of points in time within your world, other worlds, and other dimensions. Simultaneously, the fabrications of one’s “inner duality” may be transcended allowing the occupant of the merkaba to fully experience and know the inseparable triune relationship of one’s self — the One Self – or God/Higher Self/Self.  It is for this reason that the merkaba is often called the vehicle of ascension.

(as channeled by Melissa Applegate