star tetrahedron FINALThe star tetrahedron is a crystalline field of information that is resonantly
linked with each cell of the physical body. 
It is the “engine” or “operating system” of the Merkaba (a vehicle of
light that transports body and mind simultaneously from one dimension to

In its inactive state, the star tetrahedron appears as a 3-dimensional “Star of
David”; whereas, in its active state, it appears as two interlocked, counter-rotating,
3-dimensional tetrahedron-shaped fields that surround the physical body forming
a disc-like shape approximately 55 to 65 feet in diameter.

The engine remains largely dormant until it is activated through heightened awareness
and great compassion.  This is often achieved
through physical yogic postures as well as focused concentration on the
movement of subtle ying and yang forces into the central channel of the body.   Movement of these subtle forces produces “winds”
that fan the internal fire element of the body. 
This, in turn, generates a spontaneous combustive force that ignites the
engine and fuels the Merkaba; however, the Merkaba vehicle cannot sustain
“drive” without a superior quality of fuel. 
Therefore, the yin and yang subtle forces must be imbued with the
inexhaustible force of deep love in order to produce the higher grade fuel
necessary to keep the “engine” running.

Reduced to a geometrical code, the star tetrahedron reveals the “mystic
marriage” between duality (ying and yang) represented by the two interlocked oppositional
tetrahedrons, as well as the intrinsic relationship between formlessness and
form, represented by the star tetrahedron’s inactive and active states.  The shared space of the coupled star tetrahedrons
forms a third component that completes the union, symbolizing the Divine
Trinity, which is replicated throughout all of nature.

(as channeled by Melissa Applegate